Find My Missing Piece Life Coach

Hi, my name is Laura, Life Coach at Find My Missing Piece. I find what’s missing in your life—even if you don’t know precisely what that is.

Many clients say to me

“I feel like something is missing…”

“My life is on auto-pilot…”

That’s where I come in. I locate purposes, driving forces, and dreams. Whether you left them in 1986 or 2006, I will help you find them. Don’t worry, I can help with future dreams, too.

Do you yearn for something different in your life? Did you want to be an artist? Writer? Start your own business? Be a punk in your approach? Kick-ass? Do you want to love your body exactly as it is? You still can. I can help with that.

Through my past work with lululemon, Deepak Chopra Center, private clients and through retreats and video teaching, I’ve found hundreds of dreams, ambitions and life purposes (just check out the numbers shown on this page; these are guesstimates).



Life Purposes

Here’s what my clients say 

I asked my clients why they thought I had successfully helped them find their missing dreams, life purpose, and other pieces and parts when other methods had failed. They told me many things but generally the answers fell, informally, into the no-bullsh#t, gold-nugget- locator, seer, and sherpa categories, at least in their words.

1. “Laura gets right to it. No effing bullsh#t”  

That testimonial was a more concise way to put what I like to call “honesty.” Honest feedback—AKA “truth”—greases your wheels so you can get to the finish line. No point dragging it out. If you’re not ready for insightful, gently delivered honesty, we probably won’t work well together. Hey, at least I’m being honest with you from the start. 

2. “She knows what questions to ask. That ability is a gold nugget.”

I’m not a therapist. Unlike therapy, we won’t dig up your entire past. We’ll dig in the spot where the answer lies. And, with your help, we can find that spot rather quickly.

3. “She has a super-power of intuitiveness that is rare. She can read between the lines.”

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I don’t have a crystal ball. What I do have is experience coaching. And life throws spitballs (curveballs whatever). And while life may be creative, she throws remarkably similar hurdles. That, with experience, really helps make it look like premonition.

4. “She’s a little magician. She can see into the back of your head, right to the blind spot we all have.”


Absolutely positively forget what I said in #3. I do possess the power of sight. I’m toting a crystal ball (a certified organic  free-trade one—I live in California, I wouldn’t do otherwise). I hear these types of testimonials so often from my clients that it can’t be a coincidence

5. “My life’s navigation system was broken. I felt like I had been dropped off in the Amazon at night with a stick and a bottle of water. Working with Laura was like meeting a local tribe’s elder who leads you out.”

What can I say? I like the thought of being the Amazonian version of a local tribes person. Yes, you’ll get out of that rainforest (unless you really are enjoying it there, including the actual pirhanas). But I think of myself more as a compass. Sure. I know how you can get out.  It’s a lot more meaningful, though, if you find your own way. And P.S. I won’t let you get lost, or run out of water.

6. “Finding out why I felt suck in my life seemed like hard work. It was, but Laura made it fun. I got to play games and create fairytale personas. And do Dharma work, which reminded me of the Lost series. The ‘two-pen’ writing is her secret weapon (I’m betting).”

I’ve got games all right. I like to play, too. I encourage you to play more. You’d be surprised at what you can discover. together, we’re going on an old-fashioned Nancy Drew treasure-hunt. Mystery, intrigue, and, in the end, real answers.

My Promise to You & Your Missing Piece

Hey Missing Piece, I’m gonna hunt you down … Don’t think I wont.

I’m like a drill sergeant in a cheerleader’s uniform. Maybe because that makes me laugh a little. I’m rooting for you with my skort on.

Anyway, not doing the work is a real problem. Because if you don’t do the work, we can’t figure out the block. And if we can’t figure out the block, I can’t keep my promise to you to find out what’s missing in 3 months. AND I keep my promises. So let’s get to work.

That’s me … Now it’s your turn. Who are you?

Let’s talk like two old friends