When you work with me, we’ll find what your life is missing. It’s okay if you don’t know exactly what that is. That’s the whole point. I’m a great sleuth.  

When something is missing from your life, it can feel like an aimlessness, boredom, like life has become a routine, or, commonly, like being stuck.

Does this sound familiar?

Then, let me introduce myself. I’m Laura Murphy. I live in Southern California, and I’ve been called

a detective

an unsticker aka “Goo Gone”

a local tribesperson who can lead you out the forest you’ve been dropped in without a clue of where you are

a mechanic who fixes navigation systems

a soul trainer

a possibility presenter

a metamorphosis coach who turns caterpillars into butterflies (I love this one!)

I’ve also been called other things that we won’t get into right now.

Here’s the beauty of the process. Even if you don’t know why you’re stuck or what’s missing, we can figure it out.

It’ll be quick* and painless**.

*Read my approach which is unlike therapy. I’m guessing if you’re here, you’ve been there, done that.
**Mostly painless. Sometimes we have to move internal beliefs out of the way, and they can be heeeaavy.


Founder’s History

In 2008, I began working for lululemon athletica. The company was passionate about goal setting and so was I. I had studied Metaphysics and believed strongly in the power of intention. That holiday season we had ugly orange shirts where we wrote a future goal as a way to share our culture with ladies wanting stretchy pants. I wrote “I will be a life coach by June 2012.” I didn’t exactly know what a life coach did, but being a coach I knew how to do from my volleyball days and coaching life, well, that sounded awesome.

I ended up managing the multi-million dollar business, but I was only really passionate about the people development side. People often told me I was great at it. Synchronicity unfolded and while I started coaching sooner, I graduated from Accomplishment Coaching as a certified Life Coach in, you guessed it, June 2012.

When I had the opportunity to coach for the Chopra Center, I got clear that the types of clients that I really loved working with wanted to find their purpose and live into it, they cared about the world and their relationships, and they were willing to do deep, deep work to transform their future. Sure they also had goals like getting promotions, buying a home, reducing cellulite, etc., but the real joy was in the deep work.

 Find My Missing Piece was founded in 2019. Why? Well much like Dorothy from the wizard of Oz, you   already have the ruby slippers, you just need someone to show you their magic. I would love to   journey to Oz with you!

Life can restart. You’ll know what to do next to feel most alive in your human shell.

“She knows what questions to ask. That ability is like a gold nugget.”

“She has a super power of intuitiveness that is rare. She can read between the lines.

“She’s a little magician. She can see into the back of your head, right to the blind spot that we all have.”

*I have a 3-month plan. It’s very unlike therapy—and if you’re here, I’m going to guess you’ve tried that.

** Okay, it’ll be mostly painless. But sometimes we have to move internal beliefs out of the way, and sometimes they are heeeaavy.