Quotes to Ponder

Great Podcast Links

He’s witty, offers multicultural guests and perspectives, and is not a fan of Trump. If you can’t stay up late enough to watch the Daily Show, you can listen while you drive.

You might know him from his book, “The Four Hour Work Week.” He brings some very interesting guests and is a great interviewer,

Astrology meets ancient spiritual study.

Oprah. Enough said.

Mamas that need just a few minutes of “quiet” time, this one is for you.

Books to Change Thinking

Ask and It Is Given, The Alchemist, The Celestine Prophecy, When Things Fall Apart, The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, The Money Code, Autobiography of a Yogi

Words-Curious Words

This is what is known as the woo-woo list, or the California list. All those words that your punk/rock-n-roll/misfit self is rejecting. I get it. I’m a misfit, too. I lived my life as a misfit. My big dream is to buy an island and welcome all of us in our misfittedness.

Here are a few words I once rejected because they were so … butterfly-y. Now that I am an inner punk finder, a purpose detective, a dream catcher, I understand them, and I do the most woo-woo action of all: I embrace them.

Can I share them with you?



Bodhi (bow-dee). I’m going to admit it. I’m a former rebel girl whose young son is named Bodhi. Who would have thought? See enlightenment.

Dream Catcher.

Embrace (em-bray…ssss). When you use this word in reference to what you do to a person, it’s okay. But if you use the verb to hug a noun, it signifies an acceptance of what has, is, or will happen.

Traditional usage: I embraced my son yesterday

Nontraditional usage: I embraced the outcome of my journey to India last year during a pilgrimage to the ashram. Whoops.

Enlightenment (en-lite-en-mint). When you flip on a switch in a room, it’s enlightened. Well, not really. But it’s a good analogy. Enlightenment is about flipping on your own switch. Some people have burned out bulbs, or they’ve got the dimmer on. Let’s get you a new bulb, or jigger up the old one, or push that dimmer to its top level. Why should that matter to me? Because when the world is brighter and your gift is shiny and blinding, we all see better. Duh. Bodhi is a Sanskrit world that is loosely translated to mean enlightenment.

Usage. Even I wouldn’t use this word in everyday conversation in America.

Etc. (et-set-era). You may see this word often on my website. In person, I hardly ever use it. I like to be super clear. Websites, however, easily lose a person’s interest; and since some of these concepts are big, I sum up so that I won’t lose your interest. If we work together, I can fill in those blanks.

Intention (inn-10-shun). Let’s think of us in a car ready to embark on a road trip to demonstrate a few concepts. Think of your route as your purpose. Your special driving flair are your values: What’s your preferred speed, braking methods, turning techniques—one handed? two? underhand grip? do you wait for the fuel tank to be on ‘e’ before refilling or half way? etc. Your pit stops are your intentions, or possibly your destination. In other words, if values are what guide your life, and purpose is what drives it, intentions are the needed diversions and breaks along the way.

Usage: What’s your intention for our time together today?


Life coach (lor-ah mer-fee). The words life coach aren’t my favorite. As one of my clients says,
“When you tell people you have a life coach, it sounds clueless, like I can’t get through life without someone guiding me.” It also sounds elite, because personal life coaches don’t come cheap. I don’t want to serve only a certain echelon of person. That’s why I’ve come up with free resources [hyperlink] and retreats [hyperlink].

Usage: My personal coach told me I should think of a kick-ass fairytale character whenever I feel low. My personal coach says you shouldn’t do it that way. My personal coach says … Ugh.

>> Side note: Personal coaches should never use the word should.



Value (val-you). A value is precious, more so than money. A bunch of them together are guiding principles. You may not know what they are but typically they are the traits you admire most of all in others. Examples include independence, creativeness, traditional, fairness, being kind to the earth, TK. When you live by your values, it’s like a manifesto. It becomes SOOOO much easier to make a decision: whether that means embarking on a new career, divorcing your spouse, supporting your children or no longer supporting them if they’re older, coming out, sobering up, etc.

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