Individual Life Coaching

Individual Life Coaching: The 89-Day Process

Here’s a rough roadmap of what our time will be like   

  1. Questions 

I ask them. You answer them to your comfort level. We’ll get to the bottom of the tank faster if you do answer them.  I even request that you fill out a questionnaire before we begin. It’s fun, a little like a Cosmo quiz, but not as sexy, or sex driven. 

  1. Games 

This isn’t “Games People Play”, or even Risk or Life, although it involves those things. We might time travel to your future self, play what if I wasn’t afraid, or brainstorm all sorts of crazy things.

  1. Homework 

At the end of each session, we’ll come up with your plan for the week. Remember as many a gym trainer has said, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” 

These will be co-created practices that align with what you say you want. If you tell your trainer you want six pack abs, she’ll probably have you do some high intensity interval training, lots of squats, and track your food in between sessions. Our “homework” will be practices for your soul that hopefully won’t hurt as bad as millions of crunches.

  1. Review

We’ll go over what you learned in the week since we last talked. We’ll celebrate your wins and look at whatever got in the way or challenged you. This is not where I get out a whip and scold you, nor will I support that from you.  Remember, we are a team. We dig deep so you have fertile soil for the garden of your dreams. Here we just get curious. 

  1. Reclaim/Found

OMG. We’re here. You’ve got it! Celebration time. 

5 1/2. Create your year roadmap and illuminate the world

Make a plan for how to act on what you found. It’ll be an outline based on what we’ve learned. We’ll work on it together because the world can’t function fully without you. When your star is dim, it’s just not right for you, but also for the rest of us. 

*Because everyone is their own snowflake, options may vary by person. 


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