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Registration closes August 29th for a Kick Your Critic’s a$$ Group Adventure

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Hey Misfits & Rebels,

I’m about to blow your mind, or rather open it up a little. You’re about to meet your inner critic and have a deep convo with him, her, them. Harness that rebel who can probably out-rebel you.

I call mine the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee. You can call yours Simon, or Ruthie or whatever. But whatever the name, I bet I know what they’re saying right now: “This is stupid. So woo-woo.  Why would I commit to SIX weeks … are you even joking? ”

No, IBSC, I am not. That’s how long it will take you to be an A-grade kick-asser who kicks ass.

And the critic is welcome to come along on the adventure. Oh, what’s that? Your critic has a few questions…


         Yawn, how’s this workshop different than all the other self-care crap?

A lot of other coaching workshops may teach you how to Silence the Critic. Not this one. We just need to lower the volume a few decibels—a critic has a few good traits (and we’ll learn about those). But, you, my dear critic, still get a voice.

We’re just going to give that critic the self-help version of a Valium.

I’m a former Rebel Girl myself who got herself into plenty of pickles. Back in the day, you would have never wanted to bring me home to meet your mother.  But since then, I’ve “done the work,” 12 steps, been coached, and logged many hours in personal development.

I shifted the shame in my life. Now, I want to help others do the same. I’ve trained with Deepak Chopra and was one of the coaches at his center, coached leaders at lululemon, launched an executive coaching program for a luxury senior living brand, and started my own personal coaching business about xxx years ago.


         So if I thought about this … Can’t we just spend a couple hours together?

Can you really ever know anyone in a couple hours? This is deep work. I’m forming a support network, not a Tinder call.  


         Group work? You mean others will see me and get to know me?? 

Yes. They’ll see your flawed misfit self and recognize people of your tribe: their own struggles might be your struggles. Anyway, you love danger, and you’ll never ever see these people again. You can do this. Don’t try it alone! PLUS, there’s gonna be a red-carpet rolled out for you and some serious ass whooping. And, it’s NOT therapy. There’s a beginning and an ending. No excavations of your entire personality. Also, on Zoom, it’s easy to silently watch and judge while smiling at the camera.  I don’t recommend it but your call, your time. OR sign up 6-10 of your friends and we can create a private group. Not recommended for a family reunion.


         Okay, so, let’s get to it then. Let’s talk money.

During this global chaos, I am doing a sliding scale. The cost is $400 for the program. But based on need, I will do as little as $150. When there’s tragedy in the news, I find it’s a good time to observe and listen—not to the news but to yourself. There’s a strong possibility your mind is very active right now. You’ll learn a lot about your thinking.


         I’m getting mildly excited. I can afford that!

Right? For the price of a new pair of shoes, some Botox, or  a concert, you’ll get SIX live video coaching calls. I normally charge $200 for a private coaching call. You’re getting about 6 for 1/3 of the price.

 Freedom, self-respect, growth, movement, and permission to shine are waiting for you

Program Details

What’s included in the 6 week program to Calm the Critic and Create from Courage:

  • Weekly live video coaching calls (each group will be limited to 10 participants for optimum support) with new content each week
  • Weekly group meditations
  • Access to others who are ready to shift shame
  • Closed Facebook group for members
  • SAFE space to battle your Inner Critic
  • BONUS- first 4 to reserve their spot get a free 45 minute coaching session with me ($200 value)

I want to Calm the Critic. Sign me up!

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the calls? The live weekly calls will be at a time/day that is optimum for the group. Calls will be recorded if you need to miss, so you can stay connected. 

What is the investment? Since this is the first time this being offered via video conferencing and the global chaos, you get a massive discount with a sliding scale $150-$400. Hard to believe it’s less than a good massage or Botox, right? Payment plans can be arranged.

What if I don’t want to do it with strangers? 

a. What’s so dangerous about other inspiring women who live in different states or countries? Would it be so bad to make some new connections?

b. If you already have a group of 6-10 women that you have in mind, I’m happy to do a group just for you. 

c. We can do it one on one. Check out my individual coaching page.

Are you tired enough of that mean voice in your head? The one that is stopping you from accepting yourself, your past, your cellulite, your mistakes, your job, not having a job,  your rocky marriage, or your divorce to invest in yourself? If you are ready to experience a new freedom, then welcome!